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Have better sex with your wife doing these 5 exercises

It is well known that exercise benefits a person in various ways from losing the weight, strong immune system to boost the mental and physical health status. However, one thing that most of the people would be unaware is that exercise also benefits in having the better sex. Here we will elucidate and explicate some highly significant exercise that will surely equip a man to get the better sex with the partner and get most out of sexual interaction. Some of these exercises improve the penis health condition while others enable the man to thrust or force and give proper support to the partner during the sexual encounter.

Cardiovascular Exercise:

Any types of cardio exercise will surely impact the penis health because penis erection totally depends on the ample of blood flow to the penis section. Therefore, this one is regarded as the best exercise for men. There are various forms of cardiovascular exercises. People can adopt the one depending on their preferences. The major works of cardiovascular exercise are to ensure that lungs and heart are strengthened and working properly generating ample of nutrient-rich blood throughout their body. Whether you choose machine such as elliptical or simply go for jogging, jumping rope, climbing and more, these all are forms of cardio exercises. It is truly vital for giving the complete pleasure and satisfaction to your partner whether partner is your wife, girl friend or hired escorts in Mumbai.


Having strong arms help the men to hold themselves up during the missionary style sex position. You can start with regular push-ups of 4-5 sets daily. There are various forms of push-ups hence you can contact to the fitness expert for knowing which form of push-up will help you in getting the strong arms.

Hallo Bridge Hold:

When woman is on top during the sex, it seems that man will rest now but man can support the woman by thrusting upward during the process. Moreover, thrusting from below increases the pleasure for both of them. The hallo bridge hold exercise will give a man complete strength to support his partner during the sex and thrust her from the below in the position where girl is on the top. If you do not have any girl friend to have sexual intercourse you can simply ask for the Mumbai escort services where you can find and choose the girls of your choice to have the ultimate fun of sex and love simultaneously at the nominal rates.

The core strength of a man is his thrusting ability during the sex. Hence improving this ability is always required. These all mentioned exercises will surely increase the penis health, strength and thrusting ability of the man. One should focus on the mentioned points in order to improve his sexual life with spouse, friends or Mumbai escort girls. Depending on the preferences one can easily find the better way to indulge in sexual activity ending that he can satisfy his partner.